Planned Maintenance

Preventative maintenance – Safety and assurance for your roller shutters, glass doors and window systems

In order to maintain the operational efficiency and safety of your doors and shutters they will need regular servicing throughout their working life.

Shopfront Group's programmes of planned maintenance are designed to keep your doors and shutters working at peak performance.

A programme of planned maintenance gives you the assurance that your doors and roller shutters are working at their optimum level, reducing down time, security issues and unnecessary wear and tear. However, doors and shutters are often working in harsh environments and can be subject to accidental or even intentional damage. Our reactive service engineers can repair your doors and shutters with speed and expertise.

Each service is planned in advance at a date to suit the customer. If necessary we can even plan out of hours servicing so as not to disrupt your business or your customer.

Why Choose Shopfront Group?

Our mission is to be recognized as the service partner of choice for all roller shutter, shop front and commercial door maintenance projects UK wide.

Our programme of planned maintenance enables our customers to minimize disruption and security issues by identifying door and shutter issues long before they become a real problem. By identifying wear and tear in advance, you can be sure your roller shutter or door is working and performing at its optimum level.

Current Health Safety & Welfare Regulations (1992) stipulate that workplaces must comply with the following:

"The workplace, equipment, devices and systems to which this regulation applies shall be maintained (including cleaned as appropriate) in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair."

"Where appropriate, the equipment, devices and systems to which this regulation applies shall be subject to a suitable system of maintenance".

SFG Maintain will assist you to meet your safety obligations by keeping records of due service dates, door types and locations. A report will be forwarded after each visit detailing work carried out and a clear quotation for any further remedial works or improvement.

"A company that has a 30 year heritage in security fabrication and great customer service."